Thursday, January 12, 2023


Continuing with the catching-up, today I'd like to tell you about "Unveröffentlicht", an exhibition of unfinished German comics that I was part of in late 2021. 

At the exhibition, I showed pages from my never-finished, unpublished mystery graphic novel “Die Anstalt”, which I co-wrote with Roman Senkl in 2010. I handed in the first ~25 pages of the book as my bachelor thesis back in the day, but the project was a bit more ambitious than Roman and I were able to handle while also working other jobs, so we eventually abandoned it.

Sadly I could not attend the exhibition, but Moritz Stetter, whose comics were also part of the exhibition, took these very nice photos of my pages at Schloss Oberhausen:

There was also a nice, big catalogue: