Thursday, November 1, 2018

Inktober 2018 - Star Trek portraits - now for sale!

Once again this year, I participated in Inktober, a challenge to draw one ink drawing on every day of October and post them online. This was my fourth time participating, and my third time with a theme. This year's theme for me was Star Trek. These are the 31 character portraits I drew:

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For the first time, you're now able to BUY these drawings! Every one is an original marker drawing on thick 14,8x21cm (DIN A5) paper, and they cost 50€ each (incl. shipping to Germany). Just send me an e-mail and tell me which ones you want! You can pay using PayPal or bank transfer. Don't forget to send your address!

Here's the list (I'm going to cross entries out if I sell any):

1. Worf  2. Uhura  3. Odo  4. Shran  5. Michael Burnham  6. Captain Janeway  7. Will Riker  8. Major Kira  9. Sulu  10. Hugh the Borg  11. Gul Dukat  12. Counselor Troi  13. Saru  14. Captain Sisko  15. B'Elanna Torres  16. Data  17. Captain Archer  18. Ezri Dax  19. Doctor McCoy  20. Quark  21. Captain Georgiou  22. Q  23. Captain Picard  24. L'Rell  25. Tuvok  26. Doctor Bashir  27. Khan  28. T'Pol  29. Captain Lorca  30. Seven of Nine  31. Captain Kirk  32. Guinan  33. Scotty  34. Kai Winn  35. Doctor Phlox  36. The Doctor  37. Captain Killy  38. Geordi LaForge  39. Jadzia Dax  40. Gorn  41. Sela  42. Neelix  43. Mr. Spock

And oh, by the way: I'm actually going to continue drawing these! I still have a lot of Trek characters I still want to draw, so I'm going to continue this into November and maybe beyond. Make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so you never miss any!