Saturday, July 26, 2008


Some quickly colored character design scribbles:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

last life drawings of the semester

These are some of the sketches from the last two weekly life drawing sessions of the summer semester, which is going to end in a few days. The first two drawings are longer poses (ca. 10 minutes) and the others short 1-minute scribbles.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

comics creator survey

I haven't had a lot of content on this blog lately (due to university-related work overload, combined with enormous laziness) so I decided to bore you with my answers to a comics creator survey I stumbled across on Bryan Lee O'Malley's Livejournal. The questions are originally by Jake Hopper.


Adrian vom Baur



Introverted or extroverted?
Actually, when I was in school, I once made some test that was supposed to determine just that and ended up exactly in the middle. Which seems about right.

What are your top 5 procrastination tools?
1. watching movies
2. internet
3. riding my bicycle
4. reading comics
5. watching movies (and tv series)

What gets your juices flowing?
If I knew that I would probably be more productive.


What kind of comics do you like to read?
Pretty much all kinds. I like anything that has some kind of a distinct artistic voice or is simply fun to read, no matter what genre or style.

What kind of comics do you dislike?
I don't like comics that feel like they've been created by a commercial assembly line, which mostly concerns mangas and superheroes. I don't generally dislike either of those, though.

When were you first introduced to comics?
My parents had books with Donald Duck comics by Carl Barks which I devoured as soon as I coud read.

What were some of your first comics?
Besides the Disney stuff, I really dug some of the French and Belgian classics such as Tintin, Asterix and Spirou.

When did you first get "The spark"?
The thing that re-awakenend my interest in comics as a teenager was mangas, specifically Dragon Ball, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Battle Angel Alita.

What is your favorite animated movie?
It's difficult to name just one. As a kid it used to be Aladdin, but now I guess it's either one of my Miyazaki favourites (Princess Mononoké and Spirited Away), or one of Brad Bird's masterpieces (The Iron Giant and The Incredibles).

What is your favorite anime series?
Does "Avatar" count? "Cowboy Bebop" kind of rocks, too.


What kind of comics do you make?
I haven't really decided for any specific style or topic yet. So, currently, whatever kind I feel like.

When did you first start making comics?
As soon as I could hold a pencil and draw a stick figure, really. At first, I stapled paper together, drew only one panel per page, and my parents had to write the words in the speech bubbles. In grade school, I started to do "proper" paneling and write the words myself.

What are your favorite comic artists right now?
Craig Thompson, Bryan Lee O'Malley and Jeff Smith, among others. I also still really dig Barks.

What are your main influences in comics?
I have lots of influences. The ones I named above, but also Eisner, Hergé, Mignola, Tezuka, Franquin, Watterson, Mawil, Flix, Barbucci and many of the artists in "Flight".

The same as above, I guess? Plus all kinds of old and current animation artists.

Who do you admire in comics?
People who are more productive than me, which means just about anyone these days.