Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Comicfestival München and JAZAM! vol. 6

Tomorrow, the Comicfestival München 2011 is going to start. It's going to go on for four days and I'll be there the whole time, signing various comics at the booths of JAZAM! (34), Comicaze (41), Weildarum (32), and Volk Verlag (13). (map of the festival) Most of the time, you'll probably find me at the JAZAM! booth. Some pencil drawings for my "Wiesn G'schichtn"-story are part of an exhibition at the Bier- und Oktoberfest-Museum.

My biggest new publication for the festival is definitely JAZAM! vol. 6, which I edited and layouted. It also contains three full-page illustrations by me and a 10-page collab comic with David Koslowski. I wrote the story, he drew the pencils, I inked, shaded, and lettered it. Here's the first page:

Other available books of mine will be JAZAM! vols. 2-5, "Wiesn-G'schichtn" (Volk Verlag), "Vorletzte Geräusche" (Weildarum), and "Comicaze kostenlos 27" (Comicaze). I'm also going to be handing out these free Hipsters stickers:

Saturday, June 18, 2011

HIPSTERS sticker

For the Munich Comicfestival (which is next week), I made a Hipsters sticker I'm going to be handing out for free at the JAZAM! booth. Here's the illustration I drew for it:

BTW: David Füleki made an amazing 4-part Hipsters guest comic that's up at the Hipsters site now. Read it here!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

new self portrait

I just exchanged the little self portrait of me in the blog header, since the previous one was getting a bit old. Here's a bigger version:

BTW: The first HIPSTERS guest strip by Tim Gaedke is up! (German version)