Monday, January 23, 2023

Moga Mobo Musik

The guys who make German indie comic fanzine Moga Mobo have been at it for even longer than we have with JAZAM!, and they never seem to run out of ideas on how to keep their zine fresh. I've previously participated in their "Comic Clash" competition, but last year I was asked for the first time to contribute to one of their regular issues. For this one, they asked 100 artist to draw dialogue-free one-page comic versions of the "Greatest Hits" of rock & pop music. I chose to put pictures to Sia's "Chandelier", both because I love the song and because I wanted to add some newer music to the mix. 

Here's my comic:

And here's the book:

It's available to buy at the Moga Mobo shop or for free at various conventions, etc.