Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back from Angoulême

I'm back from Angoulême and can happily report that it was pretty amazing. The festival is enormous - much bigger than any of the ones we have in Germany - and there were tons of cool exhibitions and parties. Even cooler, perhaps, was the group of webcartoonists I was travelling with.

We had a lot of fun drawing epic comicjams and drinking more canned beer than anyone ever should. Most of said comicjam can be found on the JAZAM! tumblr (click on the image):

More (mostly drunk) comicjams can be found on my twitter stream.

When we weren't drinking our beer out of cans, we were paying for it with our Netzbildergeschichtenkünstlerpräsentationsheft-booklets, as Hillerkiller documented in this comic:

The way the French value comics is pretty amazing - especially if you're used to Germany, where few people take them seriously, and even the ones that do oftentimes don't actually read them. As I wrote on twitter:

Here's me with a childhood hero of mine:

The others also made some blog posts about our trip - most of them with cool mini-comics:

Hillerkiller (1)
Hillerkiller (2)
JARoo (1)
JARoo (2)

(I'll add more links when & if they come up.)