Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the new JAZAM! website

The new website for JAZAM! Vol. 2 just went online.

JAZAM! is a German comics anthology book on which I did the layout, one of the comics, and much of the editorial work. For the second issue, 40 awesome artists contributed over 160 pages of comics and illustrations. I daresay it is much better than the last issue and definitely worth checking out. On the website, you can read a 10-page pdf preview and pre-order the book. There's also a little bonus for early purchasers.

For contributors, the first two issues ordered will be reduced (10€ instead of 12).

We're gonna present, sign and sell the new JAZAM! at the Munich Comicfestival starting June 7. I hope some of you will stop by and say hello.

Behold the magnificent cover by Steven Bagatzky:

Sunday, May 27, 2007

the final Spacken

The jury didn't really like my last entry, but I'm not giving up and trying again in the final round. This is my final entry for Der Goldene Spacken 2007:

Description: "Mit seinem neuen Outfit hatte Thorsten es endlich geschafft, seinen Individualismus in Perfektion zum Ausdruck zu bringen." (With his new outfit, Thorsten finally achieved to perfectly express his individualism.)

You can see the other entries of the week on this page. The judges will hand in their evaluations for the final round by next saturday.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

page one of my JAZAM! comic

This is the first page of my entry for the comics anthology book JAZAM! which I am currently layouting:

The book will be out in June and sold at the Munich Comicfestival. More info coming soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

more Spacken

After getting to the second/third (tie) place last week, I have once more participated in the Saturday Night Spack contest. Maybe I'll manage to fully convince the jury with this entry:

Description: "Zu Reggi tanzt der Riese Ehlmüller am liebsten." (Reggi is what Ehlmüller the giant likes to dance to the most.)

You can see the other entries of this week on this page. The judges will hand in their evaluations for the second round by next saturday.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Saturday Night Spack

Der Goldene Spacken is an art contest that is held each year to promote the publication of a new issue of the German comix anthology Panik Elektro. This year, the topic of the book (no. 5) is "Disco", so the contest is all about drawing dancing weirdos.
This is my first entry:

Description: "Heute Nacht war Günther Wurschtelkratz der König des Dancefloors." (Tonight, Günther Wurschtelkratz was the king of the dancefloor.)

You can see the other entries on this page. The judges will hand in their evaluations for the first round by saturday. I won second place three years ago and I hope to have a little success this time, too.