Monday, May 31, 2010

Erlangen 2010

Only two more days until this year's Comic-Salon Erlangen, Germany's biggest comics convention, begins. (It goes from june 3 till june 6.) As regular readers of this blog may have noticed, I'm publishing quite a few comics there. You can find my stuff (and, sometimes, me) at the following booths:

JAZAM! (#41): JAZAM! vols. 2-5, JAZAM!'s "Nightshift" comicjam, my Hipsters vs. Monsters minicomic
Ferne Welten (#87): Ferne Welten #1
Delfinium Prints (#66): 78 Tage auf der Straße des Hasses Sonderteil 1
Süßes und Saures (#39) / Mondfähre (#37): Vorletzte Geräusche

Find the booths on the MAP. Most of the time, I'll be at the JAZAM! booth.

Also, some of my artwork is part of the Comicaze exhibition at Café Moravia.

Hipsters vs. Def & Roy

If you thought I couldn't possibly publish any more comics at this year's Comic-Salon Erlangen, you'd be wrong. I drew another short comic for a special issue of David Füleki's extremely funny manga-influenced comic book "78 Tage auf der Straße des Hasses" (78 Days on the Road of Hatred). It's a crossover of my Hipster characters and the two protagonists of David's book. Here are the first few panels of it:

And the cover of the issue (despite the cover, it's not a porno):

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ferne Welten #1

Another comic book coming out in Erlangen is the first issue of the new science fiction magazine "Ferne Welten". It's an interesting project, publishing prose short stories as well as comics. The book has 68 pages and will cost 5 €.

It was first supposed to come out more than a year ago but was delayed until now. That's also why the comic I contibuted is already pretty old now. I drew it almost two years ago (originally for another magazine) and already showed the first page on this blog. Here's another page, though:

Friday, May 28, 2010

Vorletzte Geräusche

Besides JAZAM! vol. 5, a couple more books are coming out at the Comicsalon Erlangen 2010 that have some stuff by me in them. I'm gonna introduce them here one by one in the coming days.

The first one's "Vorletzte Geräusche", a cartoon book about the second-to-last noises that can be heard before someone gets killed. I contains cartoons by 50 different artists, including me.

Details: 96 pages, hardcover, b/w, 15 x 15 cm. Price: 10 €
ISBN 978-3-00-030867-3

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JAZAM! vol. 5

Finally: the new volume of the great German comics anthology JAZAM! is ready for pre-ordering. It can be ordered at our online shop or bought at the Comicsalon Erlangen next week.
I contributed the 9-page comic "Hipsters vs. Zombies" and did the layout and design, as usual. The cover was painted once again by the talented Daniela Uhlig. Behold:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Faster Than Fiction

The online comic magazine INKplosion just published their third 'flash fiction' special. Said issue contains a comic with art by yours truly, written by Roman Senkl & Marco Müller. This is it:

Read the whole issue here. (in German) It contains some very nice pages by several of my fellow JAZAM! artists.

Monday, May 3, 2010

test pages

For about half a year I've been working on my first graphic novel, the first part of which is going to be my bachelor thesis. I haven't completely finished any actual pages, but I drew two "test pages" a few months ago to find a suitable style. A bunch of things have changed since then and the two pages will not actually be part of the comic, but I'd like to show them here anyway.