Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The new JAZAM!

For 13 years now, my co-editors and I have been putting out the German indie comics anthology JAZAM!, but this year we thought we'd try something different: rather than assembling stories from dozens of different artists, we picked just one.

David Füleki has continuously contributed awesome short comics to JAZAM! for many years now, and we thought it would be great if people could read all of them in one place. He also liked this idea, and so he reworked and expanded them, drew new introduction comics for most of them, and added a few fun stories that were previously unpublished or published in other anthologies.

I myself got to color one of my favorite comics of his, "Beppo Biber".

Here's the cool cover for "The Best (and Worst) of David Füleki":

And a page from "Beppo Biber" with my colors:

See more pages at MyComics.de!

You can order the book at Kwimbi  |  Amazon.de  |  Hummelcomic  |  Comic Combo