Tuesday, May 15, 2018

JAZAM! Schreckgeschichten

There's a new JAZAM! book! The newest volume of the German indie comics anthology (of which I am an editor) has the topic "Schreckgeschichten" (scary stories) and a cool new square format. It's almost 300 pages long and contains short comics by 45 different artists, including one 2-page story by yours truly and another 6-page story by Said Omar Eshaq for which I did the colors (see a preview here).

This is the book, with a great cover by Manuel Kilger:

Here's the first page from my own comic:

See some more sample pages at MyComics.de

You can order the book right now from the following shops:
The JAZAM! shop | Kwimbi.de (signed by me) | Hummelcomic.de | Amazon.de

You're also gonna be able to get it at all the upcoming comics conventions, including Comic-Salon Erlangen, Comic Invasion Berlin, and Comic Con Germany in Stuttgart.

We also just printed a new edition of our long-out of print vol. 4, "Monsters". That one is only available at our shop so far (+ the aforementioned conventions).