Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Reading Panels: "Als ich so alt war"

For the past year or so, I've participated in a number of comic readings in Katja Klengel's "Reading Panels" series. Some of them have been readings of my own comic, Hipsters, others were readings of other artists' comics, which I just joined as a voice actor.

One of the most recent ones was a reading of Katja's great graphic novel "Als ich so alt war" in Dresden last December. This one was special because it contained several songs (which Katja and I performed live) and some live kalimba music. It was also the first one that was filmed in its entirety. See the first part here:

And see the other nine parts RIGHT HERE.

The next reading will be a compilation of several short comics by Katja, Tim Gaedke, Matthias Lehmann, and me at the Schauburg in Dresden on May 22, 2016.