Thursday, May 1, 2014

HIPSTERS in Hell, pts. 51 & 52 & 53 & 54 - The End.

Coming up next: Hipsters in Space! – Nah, I’m just messing with you. This was actually my last Hipsters strip ever!

For now, anyway.

I’m actually doing a Hipsters guest comic for another webcomic that I’m going to post here and there’s a possibility that I’m going to occasionally do stand-alone Hipsters strips if I get any good ideas. 

The reason I don’t want to continue with the regular Hipsters webcomic right now is simply that I feel there are only so many hipster jokes you can make, and I’ve probably made most of them a couple of times by now. Also, I want to try some new and different things. There’s a good chance that I’ll start either a new webcomic or a graphic novel project within the next couple of months, so please continue to follow this blog (+ my TwitterFacebookTumblr, etc.) if you want to stay up-to-date about my future projects.