Monday, April 29, 2013

24h comic day Leipzig

Halfway through the last 24h comic day I swore I'd never do one again. So naturally, I did one again only half a year later. Last weekend, a number of cool German webcomic artists and I went to Leipzig and spent 24 hours at the great location current Hipsters guest artist Hillerkiller had dug up, drawing 24 comic pages, battling sleepiness and sore drawing hands, and eating lots of snacks (secretly the most important part of 24hcd). I don't think my comic turned out as well as my last one, but you'll be able to judge for yourself, soon.

I'll need a few days to scan my pages, do some slight corrections and an English translation, but I'll definitely present them here on the blog once I'm done. Here's how they looked on the wall in Leipzig just after I'd finished:

And here's a photo by Ulf Salzmann: