Sunday, October 28, 2012

24h Comic "Infiltriert" (German version)

I've finally completed the comic I drew at the 24h Comic Day in Weimar last weekend. While I wrote and drew all 24 pages in the 24h timespan, I've added digital grey-shading in the last couple of days. I think it turned out pretty okay, even though the sleep deprivation and exhaustion probably shows in some places. (and in the weird-ass story)

Click on the 1st page to go to and read the entire 24-page comic:

So far, the comic is only available in German. I'll probably publish an English translation in a week or so.

Some other 24h comics from the Weimar event:
Jeff Chi
Kathi Netolitzky
Dirk Wachsmuth
(I'll add more as they show up online)