Wednesday, May 27, 2009

JAZAM! vol. 4

The new volume of the German independent comic anthology JAZAM! is almost here. The book (with the theme "monsters") is currently in print and can be pre-ordered at our newly redesigned website. We will present and sell the book at the Munich Comicfestival (June 11-14).

The book is 356 pages strong, costs 15 €, and contains comics and illustrations by 68 different artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Plenty of previews and all kinds of JAZAM!-related news can be found on our blog.

I'm one of the editors of the book, responsible for layout and design, and contributed an 11-page comic story and one page for a cool comicjam. These are the first two pages of my story "Nutzmenschen" (click to enlarge):