Monday, May 26, 2008

Comic Duel 2008 - rounds three and four

My other two entries for the "Comic Duel 2008". Sadly, none of these made much of an impression on the jury. I only got trough the third round because the entry of my opponent wasn't that strong either.

Entry three. The topic was "Stroke of Genius".

This one probably really isn't that good. Translation of the text: "Oh, if only this were a stroke of genius instead of a stroke of lightning," Mr. W thought and passed away.
See the other entries and the jury's comments here.

The topic of the last round was "For a Fistful of Dollars":

Translation: "Darling? Do you love me only because of my personality or also because I'm filthy rich?" - "Personality." - "OK."
I kinda liked that one. The last round was held live on the Comic-Salon Erlangen and the jury didn't really take a lot of time to even read the texts of the finalists, so they were quite quick to kick this one out. Read the report on the finale here.

The Comic-Salon was lots of fun and there's going to be an exhaustive report on it on the JAZAM! blog sometime in the next few days.