Tuesday, May 29, 2007

the new JAZAM! website

The new website for JAZAM! Vol. 2 just went online.

JAZAM! is a German comics anthology book on which I did the layout, one of the comics, and much of the editorial work. For the second issue, 40 awesome artists contributed over 160 pages of comics and illustrations. I daresay it is much better than the last issue and definitely worth checking out. On the website, you can read a 10-page pdf preview and pre-order the book. There's also a little bonus for early purchasers.

For contributors, the first two issues ordered will be reduced (10€ instead of 12).

We're gonna present, sign and sell the new JAZAM! at the Munich Comicfestival starting June 7. I hope some of you will stop by and say hello.

Behold the magnificent cover by Steven Bagatzky: