Monday, August 23, 2010

HIPSTERS webcomic 001

I'm starting a new webcomic. If I can keep it going for a while, I'll probably build an extra site for it, but for now, I'm gonna post them here on the blog. The strip features the "hipster" characters I've previously used in Hipsters vs. Monsters and Hipsters vs. Zombies. This is the first one:

There's a German version, too.

Would you be interested to read more of this on, say, a weekly basis?


Tim said...

Ja, warum nicht. Ich find aber, die Sachen kommen in schwarz-weiß oder Graustufe besser.
Oder du hast die perfekte Colo-Methode noch nicht gefunden.

Anonymous said...

Hell yes!!!!!
More plz!

USa. said...

Sehr schön Adrian. Mir gefallen die farbigen Outlines ausgesprochen gut!