Thursday, April 3, 2008

JAZAM! vol. 3 - work in progress

I am currently working on an 8-page story for the third volume of the comics anthology book JAZAM!, of which I'm also an editor. The deadline is only one week away and I still have lots of pages to draw and ink. This time, I wrote the story all by myself and I'm drawing in a style that's more stylized than anything I've done before. I hope it turns out alright. Today, I photographed some of the pages and scribbles:


Alex said...

hi adrian,

schön pfleißig!

ich setzt mich heute an ne kleine geschichte! wills nicht wieder verpassen.

Adrian vom Baur said...

Coole Sache! Falls es eng wird, ist auch ein Tag oder zwei mehr drin.

Kyra said...

Interesting to know.